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danglingthpider you made my dash do a thing

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My basic understanding of Dragon Age via Tumblr

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okay zev with his hair in a bun is great but listen to this

  • zev in a crop top


I had no choice

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being “cute” is really hard because even when youre angry people just kinda giggle at you and say “aw youre so cute when youre angry.” no. stop. recognize my power. image

best gif use ever 

its still fucking adorable 

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oh my fucking god

so i’m reading this harry potter fic

and every now and then there are words like “arseented” and “marseaging” and “arseistance” and i was trying to figure out what the hell is going on

finally i got to the word “parse” and figured it out

they’re american so after they wrote it they did a find and replace to change every “ass” to “arse”

i can’t stop laughing omg

"Word has made 436 replacements."

"That sounds right."

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Dragon Age 2 companions

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Oh… Oh really? Uh… Well then… Can you liberate me? [zone 1]

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MTV announced today during the Teen Wolf panel at San Diego Comic-Con that the show has been renewed for season 5.

Teen Wolf season 5 will run for twenty episodes split in two halves, the network said in a statement.

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